You may be interested in the sport of archery, perhaps only from a distance. However, once you have watched a few of the games, there is little doubt that you will want to see even more of it. In fact, many sports enthusiasts who also enjoy betting on sports have added this to their sports betting roster.

As you become more interested and involved with the sport, you will find that you will want to learn more about the different types of competitions and tournaments that are available for your enjoyment.

The most common and natural first step is deciding which discipline in the sport that you like the most. This will then help you decide on which tournaments you want to be a spectator of.

Target Archery

This is probably the first form of archery that will draw your attention because it is the type that is played in the Olympics. The objective of this is for the competing archers to shoot a set number of arrows at a specified distance into a pre-set target. Scores are accumulated to determine the winner of the event.

The types of tournaments that you will find for target archery will be competitions that are held within the various clubs. Then the various clubs in a region will set up competitions among them. It can progress from here where counties will then compete against each other.

Moving up in the levels of competition you can go on to compete in the national championships which will be available most commonly in target archery but also in many of the other disciplines.

As you become keener on watching the various tournaments, you won’t want to miss the World Achery Championships. Then for most the biggest event of all in this sport will be the Olympics.