For seasoned and experienced fans, watching archery is exciting and interesting but for those who have never watched the sport, it can be confusing and somewhat hard to follow. This is especially the case when watching Olympic archery.

The initial rounds

The fun and excitement begin with the first rounds, otherwise known as initial rounds. Each archer will be required to shoot a total of 72 hours. Their hope is that they will be able to get the top score possible which is 720, or as close to this as possible.

Once this round has been completed then the archers are ranked based on their scores. There are two divisions with one being the men’s division and the other the women’s. Those archers that could score in the top 64 in each division are qualified to move onto the next round.

Elimination Matches

Following these Initial Rounds, come the elimination matches whereby these top 64 archers in each division will begin to play against each other. They are matched by a system referred to as brackets. This means the number one ranked archer will compete against the archer ranked sixty-four. The matchups will continue all the way through like this.

By the time the elimination matches have been completed there will only be two archers left. It is these two who will compete against each other for the gold and silver medals.

The Bronze Medal

While the elimination matches determine who is going to be the final competitors for the gold and silver, there is still a third medal up for grabs which is the bronze medal. To determine this there will be a match played between the two finalists that were beaten by those archers who will be competing for the silver and gold.

These series of events that take place really heighten the enjoyment of watching the Archery Olympics competition.