For those that are into participating in the sport of archery, they can compete at many different levels. While not everyone will qualify for the Olympics, some of set their goals to qualify for the world archery competition.

For those archers who are working towards this competition, they will find that they can put their focus on one of three events, all of which are most exciting.

Outdoor World Championships in Target Archery

There are some archers that really enjoy the outdoor target shooting. There are some differences when compared to the indoor version. Some of the archers believe that the outdoor competition offers more challenges because of having to deal with the variations in the elements including weather, wind, etc. In the outdoor tournament, the archers shoot 144 arrows for the men’s competition at four different distances.

Indoor World Championships in Target Archery

Those that participate in this event often like the stabilized environment. They don’t have to deal with the outdoor temperatures or the wind. The number of arrows shot in this discipline is 60 arrows for the elimination round but only at one distance.

With respect to difficulty in the number of arrows shot and the distance, most archers agree that either version is on par with their level of difficulty.

Field Archery in World Championships

Field archery comes with its own set of challenges. It is made up of different targets but what adds to the challenge is the different types of terrain that the competition takes place on.

With there being such a variety, it encourages archers to compete in those disciplines that they enjoy the most and sets the format for the type of training that is required to get to this level of competition.

For the youth that are taking this sport seriously, they too have plenty of opportunities to compete and there are world championships for youth archery that are held.